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Early encounters with prejudice and tales of immigration are told with unflinching honesty and with such untimeless tenderness and thoughtful insight that they remain fully relevant to our current curcumstances. Throughout this memoir, exposure to European culture never overshadows the powerful influence of folklore and the Argentine avant garde on the artist's childhood. - Lisa Stewart Garrison

Enchanted and profound, this book invites the reader to take part in the intimate experiences of the author. What makes her stories unfortgettable is the authenticity of the voice and the cadence of her word. A book to be treasured. - Dr. Alma Flor Ada

This author submerges us in a pleasant voyage of discovery of the intimate, fragile, and subtle of the human experience. Then, she invites our hearts to a big laugh by introducing us to situations unthinkable in 20th Century Argentina. Suni Paz offers these flowers of her passion to our enjoyment and, surprisingly, to our reflection. A magnificent book! - F. Isabel Campoy

How good to find once in a while such a special book. After reading many autobiographical stories Suni's appeared, filled with a million histories, told with clear and involving language. Her work reunites the indispensable prerequisites to a good reading and transports us to our own history. - Clarita Kohen Klieman

Destellos y Sombras
de la inocencia a la madurez

por Suni Paz

Cuando en nuestro rec;orrido encontramos a alguien que nos acepta como somos, incondicionamente, nacen en nuestro interior destellos que desvanecen las sombras y nos hace videntes de lo invisible. Entonces nos sentimos capaces de mover las montañas, amar con los ojos abiertos y acariciar la vida."

" When in our journey we find unconditional acceptance of who we are, sparkles rise from within to banish shadows and reveal the invisible. Then we are able to move mountains, love with clear eyes and carress life."

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Tali Drives His Car
by Suni Paz

Mother's lap book.

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